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AdHive approach

No negotiations with

  • We automated both selection and placement processes

  • Time saving and rapid launch of advertising campaigns

  • We examine every influencer on the Platform

Precise targeting

  • Influencers are selected according to desired target audience

  • Focus on micro-influencers

  • Launch campaigns of any scale in short terms

Transparent pricing

  • Advertisers pay for a contact with target audience (CPM/CPV)

  • No subscriptions, trials or any other restrictions

  • Market prices for placements

  • No more need
    to negotiate
    with each influencer
  • Next generation of automation - let the robots
    do their job
  • You never pay for bots and mass-followers
  • We know everything about influencers and their audiences
  • Influencers with less than 300k subscribers have greater engagement
    and TA share
  • 20, 200 or 2000 influencers -
    it doesn’t matter
  • Plan your reach depending
    on your budget and vice versa
  • The service is available right upon registration
  • We optimise the purchase of placements thanks to volume and automation
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How does the Platform work? 1 / 4

1. Choose format
and target audience


  • #photo
  • #video
  • #stories


  • #sex
  • #age
  • #geo
  • #subscribers_interests
  • #subscribers_count

2. Describe a task for influencers

  • What to do
  • How to present
  • What not to do
  • Useful references/examples

3. Track execution
in real time

  • Number of influencers who took the task
  • Amount of published posts
  • Performance results

4. Receive a report

  • Likes
  • Views
  • Comments
  • Reach
  • ER
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Website and iOS app for influencers

Influencers are already waiting for your advertising tasks

There are lots of influencers of various categories on the Platform

  • #lifestyle 2433
  • #family_and_children 1016
  • #fashion_and_beauty 2941
  • #fitness_and_sport 2764
  • #tourism 2882
  • #other 5046

Cooperation with brands and agencies

We prepare turn-key campaigns and render full support

  • Expanded targeting parameters
  • Brand safety
  • Original concepts and mechanics
  • Audience overlap

Deep analysis of any Instagram account

Deep analysis of any Instagram account

Find out the amount of real followers and genuine engagement rate

  • Potential reach
  • Audience’s countries and cities
  • Audiences’ interests
  • Genders and demographics
  • Look-a-like
  • For ADH token holders exclusively
  • Account analysis
    Real users88%
    Suspicious followers5%
  • Audience language
  • Audience demography
    Saint P22%
  • Audience аge and gender
    18 – 2449%
    25 – 3432%
  • Audience Interests
    Travel & Tourism89%
    Fitness & Yoga57%
    Restaurants & Food45%
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High-quality content, broad reach and great engagement


  • 16 475 likes
  • 186 341 views
  • 129 794 reach
  • 5.61% ER


  • 24 455 likes
  • 142 813 views
  • 94 466 reach
  • 1 553 bookmarks
  • 11.58% ER


  • 71 446 likes
  • 300 794 views
  • 207 466 reach
  • 12% ER


  • 25 610 likes
  • 144 931 views
  • 115 848 reach
  • 1 112 bookmarks
  • 8% ER


  • 38 197 likes
  • 253 565 views
  • 174 392 reach
  • 9,01% ER


Can I start with $150 budget?
You surely can, but you will receive few placements and, most likely, won’t be able to evaluate the effectiveness. We recommend starting with $300.
Can I send a product to an influencer?
Yes, there are 2 ways. If you only have the goods - enter your contact info in the task description, our manager will provide you with all the necessary data for the delivery of goods. If an influencer can purchase goods in a store, please specify in which one, also note that you want to include the product price in the influencer’s reward.
Can I invite influencers to specific locations to try services?
Yes, enter the details and your contact info in the influencers’ task description. Please don’t forget to specify if you want to include the product price in the influencer’s reward.
Can I launch a campaign on barter terms?
At the moment this functionality is not available. Register to subscribe to our newsletter and you will always be aware of the new functions of the platform.
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What clients say about us?

  • Dmitry Yastrebkov
    Dmitry Yastrebkov Digital Director Tor media

    We work with the AdHive team on several projects and the result is great! Customers which are already accustomed to the "usual SMM" become shocked. "And what, was it possible?" - the most frequent question :) The combination of our communication strategy, content and the AdHive system gives a real result to the client and raises the level of native placement to an unprecedented level.

  • Maria Lapuk
    Maria Lapuk Co-founder Vinci Agency

    Vinci Agency PR-agency cooperates with AdHive when we provide influencer marketing for our customers. We like that math is at the core when you see real numbers of reach and involvement, but not speculation about what kind of audience a particular influencer has. I also want to note the involvement of the guys in the work and problem solving.

  • Natalya Sakharova
    Natalya Sakharova Business Development Director Havas Media

    Havas agency cooperates with the AdHive team within our Havas Social Newsroom division. We have already launched two campaigns for the Durex brand with AdHIve and there are also requests for other brands in the work now.
    We believe in the power of nano and micro influencers because of high involvement of the audience and the authenticity of the content. Working massively with small bloggers is labor-intensive, but AdHive greatly simplifies the whole process.
    Before meeting the guys we looked at global platforms but they obviously did not have enough focus on Russia. Plus, some services are sharpened to work with a certain limited pool of influencers, which in many cases is a disadvantage for us, since it greatly narrows the choice.
    Therefore AdHive is currently the best solution for us. And an important bonus- a professional team the efficiency and proactiveness of the guys.

  • Dmitry Patuk
    Dmitry Patuk CMO DOC+

    We started to work with AdHive in September and decided to promote our new product through micro influencers. Target goal was to tell about our product to pregnant women. We launched a campaign in a very short period of time though micro influencers who are also pregnant. As a campaign for a new product, we consider AdHive as a right option, we increased number of appointments.

  • Olenich Elena
    Olenich Elena Online Marketing Manager

    This January we had finished an advertising campaign with AdHive. The task was to advertise cruises from Singapore on the Costa Diadema cruise ship, the task was not easy, to find an influencer in Singapore and take a picture of the ship we need. AdHive team did an excellent job, we received posts from 9 influencers during 10 days. We were pleased with the results and look forward to further cooperation. Thanks to the AdHive team, you are great professionals!

  • Tos Movsisyan
    Tos Movsisyan Сo-Founder theBoft

    AdHive guys can target the audience by interests, which really helps in boosting our sales. More than 5000 photos were printed using AdHive influencers promo codes. More than that we received great content for our social network accounts.